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What is slugging in dry granulation?

2020-10-07 09:01:38
Key Words:What is slugging in dry granulation?

 A dry granulator, comprising:

a feeding mechanism comprising a material tank, having a bottom outlet, connected to a vacuum system adapted to suck powder materials into said material tank;a vertical feeding mechanism, arranged within said material tank, comprising a vertical feeding motor and a vertical feeding screw, to deliver said power materials to said bottom outlet of said material tank;a pressing mechanism, comprising an upper pressing wheel and a lower pressing wheel, rotating at a reverse direction;an oblique feeding mechanism, comprising a feeding cylinder, a feeding screw, a feeding motor, and a feeding inlet arranged on a top wall face of said feeding cylinder and connected with said bottom outlet of said material tank, to deliver said powder materials from said vertical feeding mechanism to said pressing mechanism, wherein said powder materials is compressed by said pressing mechanism into powder sheets with qualified hardness and thickness;a crushing mechanism, comprising a crushing wheel arranged on an outlet between said upper pressing wheel and the lower pressing wheel, to crush said powder sheets into crushed powder sheets;a granulating mechanism, comprising a screen granulating device and a granulating wheel device arranged on a top portion of said screen granulating device to granulate said crushed powder sheets into finished particle products, so as to deliver to a collection storage;a sieving mechanism operatively connected with said collection storage and said material tanks to separate said finished particle products with fine powders;a pressing wheel regulator comprising a pressing wheel shaft having a top shaft head fixedly arranged on said upper pressing wheel to adjust an axial position of said lower and said upper pressing wheel; and a floating sealing device mounted on said feeding cylinder, wherein said floating sealing device for providing a sealing effect for said feeding mechanism; anda mechanism body having a front portion, wherein said feeding mechanism, said vertical feeding mechanism, said oblique feeding mechanism, said pressing mechanism, said crushing mechanism, said granulating mechanism, said sieving mechanism, and said pressing wheel regulator are arranged on said front portion of said mechanism body.

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