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Contact: David Min
Email: david_min@mozisdom.com
Telephone: +86-0519-88768880
Web: www.mozisdom.com
Mobile: +86-135 8433 3945
Add: No.586, Changhe Road, Zhenglu Town, Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China.

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With the development of China's manufacturing industry, Changzhou Mozisdom Machinery Equipment Co. has been a leading provider of custom made filter bags and transfer sleeves for the Food, Wood, Chemical and Mineral Industries.  CMME began by designing and fabricating unique cloth filter bags and transfer sleeves for the diverse assortment of equipment found in food processing plants across the China and Overseas.  From there, CMME morphed into a provider for all types filtration products, connection sleeves, sifter screens and other industrial fabric goods.
As CMME’s ability to make high quality custom filter bags, sleeves and one-of-a-kind specialty products became known throughout these industries, demand increased and the company took the shape of what it is today.  CMME has a staff of experienced technical sales designers working closely with its custom manufacturing facilities, and a network of sources to integrate many hard-to-find items.  Fabric products from 3 inches long to 3 stories high are delivered daily.  CMME welcomes every opportunity to solve their customer’s challenges.
The company always uphold the consistent rigorous, professional style, to provide safe, reliable, high-quality, in line with international environmental standards of machinery and equipment. Mainly dry machinery and equipment and accessories, pharmaceutical machinery and equipment. At the same time the company also owns the most advanced production and processing and testing equipment, focusing on the high-end and emerging downstream industries of high purity ultrafine non-oxide specialty ceramic powder products and derivatives of industrialization…