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Shaker mechanism for dust collector filter bags

2018-06-27 13:13:03
Key Words:Shaker mechanism for dust collector filter bags
1. In a dust collecting apparatus for filtering and collecting dust from air including filter bags and means for shaking the filter bags free of collected dust, the improvement which comprises an overhead fixed support, at least two but not more than three suspension links each having one end pivotally mounted to depend from said overhead support, a swing bar, means pivotally connecting said swing bar to the free ends of said links, mounting means suspended from said swing bar including structure for interchangeably attaching a plurality of filter bag tops, and driving mechanism connected with said swing bar including structure for reciprocating said bar along its longitudinal axis to cause the bar to swing to and fro about said link pivots and transmit an intermittent stretching and snapping action to said bags for freeing collected dust therefrom.

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