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fluid bed dryer bags

2018-06-27 13:11:05
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Fluid Bed Dryer Bags by Custom Advanced are perfect for a variety of industrial applications requiring the drying of powdered particles where lingering moisture is removed from the final product. Fluid bed drying is ideal for powders, crystals, granules, agglomerates, prills and pellets averaging in size between 50 microns and 5 millimeters. These products include foods, drugs, chemicals, minerals and polymers.

Custom AdvancedFluid Bed Dryer Bagsare skillfully manufactured with the highest standards to ensure fit, performance and durability, meeting the strict compliance standards required by the pharmaceutical industry. To further ensure performance and satisfaction, Custom Advanced Fluid Bed Dryer Bags are constructed with the highest quality conductive and non-conductive fabrics for static-sensitive applications. Our bags are also lint free, fully inspected for consistency and include features such as date coding, batch traceability and custom labels for product details and preventing cross-contamination.

Regardless of your dryer-equipment needs, Custom Advanced Fluid Bed Dryer Bags are designed to fit virtually all OEMs including Glatt, Niro-Aeromatic, Fitzpatrick, Vector and Fluid-Air. Options include single bag, two bag/split shaker systems as well as three or four bag/split shaker systems. Custom Advanced Fluid Bed Dryer Bags will save you valuable time and resources through higher performance as well as reduced maintenance and energy costs.

At Custom Advanced, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality Fluid Bed Dryer Bags delivering the highest value at the most competitive prices.

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